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Why the box? Rethinking the architecture of the PC

Robin Tapp explains why the “PC” needs a revolution, not an evolution in every day terms even his Mum could understand. Desktop virtualisation is complex to implement effectively and can be opaque to understand at first.  However, the concepts are … Continue reading

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Thin slicing the thin client

  One of the terms we often have to explain is a Thin Client (and its opposite, a Thick or Fat Client). Originally coined in 1993 by Tim Negris of Oracle, is has entered IT vernacular as a useful descriptor … Continue reading

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Revolution or Gastropod race?

By Robin Tapp Virtual hosted desktops are now available for under £1 a day. They are easier to manage than traditional PCs, more secure, flexible, accessible and can offer, if set up right, improved performance. Additionally virtual hosted desktops can … Continue reading

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The dinner party answer to what is Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing? We, and our clients, often get asked this question when talking to others in a business, or even, at a dinner party.  Although not the most technical of posts it is actually an answer to one of our frequently … Continue reading

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It’s all about me: Virtual Desktops

  Virtualisation offers the opportunity to reduce costs and improve flexibility for businesses of all sizes. A key point in successfully planning and implementing desktop virtualisation is to recognise that it is personal: both to individual users and to each … Continue reading

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