Trends in the cloud

This week we have been thinking about some of the key trends in the cloud. To sum, manufacturers are all in, businesses might be in if it gives them business agility and those that are in, want more. Here are three of the key trends we’ve seen:

1. All in: Major manufacturer, software providers and consultancies are continuing to go ‘all in’ for the cloud, with Dell being the latest (and indeed late) to announce their commitment – to the tune of $1bn by January, excluding acquisitions. (See interesting article in The Economist on the elephants trying to dance – Dell & HPs moves including buying into the cloud.)

2. Business driven: The No. 1 reason why 48% of businesses are implementing some form of cloud is business flexibility, supporting Molten findings in recent research with IT decision makers, as per this article in ITPro.

3. Adoption leads to more: Businesses which have adopted cloud solutions show increased propensity to use virtual solutions to further support their IT agility. In a situation analogous to your first taste of broadband (for those of us who remember dial up), organisations who adopt a cloud solution are rapidly adapting and utilising their new powers and realising it is a genuine change to the way you can work.

What do you think?  Have you seen other examples of these trends or do you have a different take on these?


About thedaasler

A supplier of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) who gets ever so excited about things cloudy, Ux-ey and involving virtual desktops.
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