State of Emergency

By Natasja Marcelis

Recent traumatic events, both natural and man-made (although some have argued the distinction between these) have deeply affected us. Our sadness and anger at events has made us wonder how we can help, not just by putting our hands in our pockets, but in practical ways that build on our strengths.

Which solutions could help irrespective of location, language, infrastructure, time and do so in the framework of efficiency – delivering the fastest, most robust and cost effective result?

The short answer is not much alone.

But together with others, the application of virtual desktops just might help people get aid and comfort faster. Here are some of our ideas. Let us know if you have some better ones and we will look into the best.

1. In conjunction with mobile connectivity, thin client hardware and 3rd world energy generation  – creating ‘connect in a box’ solutions that help people connect with loved ones and coordinate aid. It could be dropped as required with a simple, robust, low-tech set-up that uses solar-panels to provide power and remote desktop technologies to minimise bandwidth required locally..

2. In conjunction with a tablet provider (and possibly some of the technology above) to enable fast, efficient health and refugee triage on the spot in field. In one tool people can record, track and share people numbers, news updates and operational communications, without having to go back to base.

3. Fast-start ‘virtual emergency response rooms’. In conjunction with the use of an online collaboration tool, almost instant scale of a response team – provisioned with virtual PCs, access to resources and shared, secure communications.

4. The physical equivalent of the above – fast-tracking the set-up of an emergency response team with desktops and the more robust, mobile and cheaper think client plus kit and virtual desktops.

These ideas are in addition to the native benefits that virtual desktops should deliver innately – High Availabilty and Disaster Recovery, so should your staff be snowed in or your data centre destroyed in a freak act of nature, your team and your data remain safe, and can continue to work.

As ever Google and Apple continue to inspire us with their human, proactive and smart responses. Read about their responses below.

Our hearts go out to those affected by Earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan and those affected by unrest in Bahrain, Libya and Egypt. We hope to help in some small way.

Photo credit: Paula Bronstein / Getty images

About thedaasler

A supplier of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) who gets ever so excited about things cloudy, Ux-ey and involving virtual desktops.
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