Will IT rule the world?

In recent research conducted for Molten Technologies we found that 96% of senior IT decision makers surveyed believe that IT needs to become more business savvy and over 50% are already making changes to enable this.

There have been discussions about whether cloud adoption will lead to a smaller IT work force. Businesses are increasingly moving their IT to the cloud, leading to increased efficiencies and sharing of common resources, so less people are needed in the IT team. Extending this thought…what happens if almost all IT functions are cloud-based…will IT within organisations become just a commodity and enterprise IT become…extinct?

Let’s flip that thought and join the two trends together. IT is becoming more business savvy and more IT tasks are being managed more efficiently, leaving more time for IT to be proactive within a business. Add a third trend of born-digital / digital enabled business showing huge growth in both developed and developing countries. There in the midst of the trends lies a golden opportunity for people with IT expertise to step up and drive business (or community) innovation and growth.

We believe IT will not become extinct through the advent of the cloud, we believe it is an amazing opportunity for IT people to focus more on driving business value and in doing so, just maybe, rule the world.

In a recent article by George Colony, CEO of Forrester, he too challenges the traditional notion of CIO and proposes a first step, acknowledging the power of words to shape actions, of moving from the title of CIO to CBTO, Chief Business Technology Officer.

What do you think? Have you seen some great examples of IT leadership with organisations that is at least, changing your world?

About thedaasler

A supplier of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) who gets ever so excited about things cloudy, Ux-ey and involving virtual desktops.
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